Soothe your life
Whether you’ve just sweated it out in a Life class or are looking for a way to relax, come in for a peaceful and revitalizing massage treatment.

Bring yourself or come with your significant other — we offer both singles and couples massages on a pay-as-you-go basis. Life massages take place in our comfortable, pristine spa rooms and are performed by the finest licensed professionals. Our massages will balance your body and mind, relieve stress and promote feeling great during and after each treatment.

For those seeking a more specific form of massage, Life also offers Reflexology, a practice based on the principal that the body is completely interconnected through several pathways. Triggering these pressure points, or pathways connected from the feet and hands to the body’s vital organs and muscles, stimulating body circulation and relaxation.

As an alternative to traditional massage and reflexology, Life also offers Reiki, an ancient healing technique used for stress reduction, relaxation and balancing emotions. It’s administered through the practitioner’s hands to your body, and is a very subtle, yet extremely effective in a positive way. Leave your Reiki treatment feeling peaceful, rejuvenated, energized and more balanced.