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Life is for Family

Get the whole family to live Life to the fullest! Our fun-filled Life KIDS program is dedicated to kids ages 5 and up.
Incorporating fitness and wellness into our kids’ lives from an early age instills great habits that last a lifetime. Get their heart-rates pumping, get them excited about healthy food, and most importantly, get them having fun! Life is the place for you, your friends, and family to feel great. So please, bring the kiddos — they’ll love it (and you can get a ridiculously great workout in too)!
  • life kids
  • life kids

Ages 5-12

Instill the love of movement and fitness in your kids! Life KIDS ages 5-12 can participate in a fun-filled 1-hour fitness activity program and learn the basics of breathing, stretching and yoga-inspired low intensity postures, designed to activate their senses, increase body awareness and get their heart rates going.

Ages 10+

Take class together! Starting at 10 years old, Life KIDS can participate in specially designed offerings with their parents/guardians. These offerings are created to enhance family connections and activate fun, low intensity fitness activities.

Ages 16+

Life KIDS 16 years old and up are welcome to partake in Life’s classes with their parents/guardians, so long as their parent/guardian is present in the facility with them. This is an excellent way to get your teenager moving, to increase self-esteem and to spend some fun, quality time together. It’s a win-win-win situation!